I am delighted to have been asked to take on the Convenorship of the Greens Committee, and look forward to continuing the fine work of both the Committee and more directly our excellent Greens Team. The first practical task is the refreshment of the busier parts of our fairways after the rigours of winter. There are many divots which need filled and we can all help supplement the work of the Greens Team without too much effort, but with a satisfying outcome. Members will be aware that greens staff levels are at an historical low.

The actions set out below would produce a marked improvement to those surfaces in a fairly short time. Club policy, unlike that of many other clubs, is to make the fairways available to us throughout the winter, and these actions are our opportunity to repay that pleasure.


Firstly, many of you will have noticed the return of “divot trees” at certain holes. The idea here is that each member grabs a bag on the way past, fills in a few divots as they complete the hole, and leaves the empty bag in the box provided near the next tee. Please stamp the mixture into the divots, filling them as “proud” as possible.


While Action 1 helps to reduce the number of outstanding divots in an ongoing way, there is a need (as has now become an annual tradition) to hold two “Divotting Mornings” when members can come together with the Greens Staff for a few hours to blitz the fairway surfaces in a broader way. The work is not taxing, and there is generally a bit of craic to be had.

Weather permitting, it has been decided to hold the Mornings on 1 & 8 May. All members are welcome, and all that is required is yourself, although you might find a sturdy pair of boots helpful for stamping. Protective gloves will be provided.
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the morning, when we can set about giving the fairways a freshening up for the incoming season!

Greens Convenor