It is always enjoyable to be able to advise fellow members of good news about our courses. This note covers our improved behaviour in relation to greens etiquette and resultant course preservation.

More recently, and especially on Men’’s Captain’s Day, it has been noticed that less pitch marks seem to remain untended and, in particular, that bunker “users” have restored the playing surfaces, thus giving their fellow competitors at least a similarly fair challenge to that faced by them.

So, thanks to those who have improved their sense of self responsibility, and, also, to those who repair more than one pitch mark, and probably complete bunker raking by those not so conscientious.

Divot replacement seems to be better also, but could we all remember that it doesn’t take too much effort to fill in our divots on par 3 tees?

Overall, however, a “well done us” is definitely in order!

Owen Trainor
Greens Convenor