This is a further update, for Member information, on various greens aspects.

Course maintenance

The standard major course maintenance work is scheduled to start on the Ava on Tuesday 19th March, and the Dufferin on Monday 25th March. While we are all disappointed that the excellent surfaces have to be so negatively affected, we should all understand that this is vital to the broader sustainability of the condition of our greens over the year. On the bright side, this work is coring and verti-draining, which is not as obtrusive as the Autumn work which creates “lines” on the surface. Given a fair wind temperature wise, a bit of growth should minimise the damage to our smooth putting strokes!

Winter work

The winter work continues with the 6th and 17th tees on the Ava having been re-laid and aligned. It is intended to plant some wild flowers around the areas at the optimum time.

It is also intended to make new winter tees, with the latest types of mat and yellow tee holders, on the 1st and 14th (Dufferin) and 9th (Ava)

Pathing has been resurfaced and rolled in certain areas, as well as additional pathing at 16th and 18th (Ava).

All fairways will be scarified soon, after which divotting will be undertaken. This is a very big job, with which some members, traditionally, have helped. It is to be hoped that a greater number of volunteers will attend, for a few hours, when the next invitation is extended.

Pitch marks

Despite requests, it seems that there are still many who don’t repair their pitch marks. The Committee is looking at further ways to encourage/exhort members to comply with this basic duty. In the meantime, this yet another reminder. After the maintenance treatment set out above, it is even more important that we undo the damage that we do to the greens.

Wall repair/Building

Once again, the volunteers who work on repairing and building up our key walls have done a magnificent job over the winter. The margins of a number of holes on the Ava have been greatly improved by their sterling work. We should all be grateful. It is understood that they may be turning their attention to a few areas on the Dufferin where walls have a visual impact.


Brian Nixon

Greens Convenor

15 March 2019