This is another in the series of notes designed to keep Members informed of developments on course and related matters.

Course Conditions

The late Spring and early Summer weather “blew hot and cold”, then improved temporarily, but now seems to have settled back into a more familiar and disappointing wet pattern. With effort and expertise, the Greens Team has managed to provide excellent putting surfaces and course conditions, about which there have been many compliments, both from members and visitors. The replacement of our 15 year old speed roller has helped.  


Given the general picture on Club finances, there is no immediate prospect of being able to replace key elements of our ageing machinery, which breaks down intermittently. The Greens Team continues to effect patching and work-arounds.


To personalise matters a little, attached is a photograph of the Greens Team.  Please remember that it is neither permitted nor helpful to address complaints/criticisms to staff, although a wee compliment would, doubtless, be very acceptable. Greens Committee members do not enjoy the same absolute protection, but give us a chance to enjoy our golf, please!  Written comments, whether they be complaints, suggestions or praise, are very welcome, and will receive a considered response where relevant.

Safety of Staff

Whilst on personal matters, our greens staff will normally give way to golfers, but they must also take the opportunity to finish a task, and move on to the next job, if they can do that quickly. Please be patient if you are held up for a few moments. It is irresponsibly dangerous to play shots which may hit greens staff. Worrying incidents have been reported to me by staff. Remember our employees often have to wear ear protectors, and/or may be focussing on their immediate work, and thus may not be aware of your presence. Common sense and decency should be our guideline.

Greens – Autumn maintenance work

It’s that time again, unfortunately, when we have to re-aerate the greens and remove some growth debris, resulting in rougher surfaces for a week or so. We all know by now that this is absolutely key to preserving and producing excellent year-round surfaces. The work will be carried out (weather permitting) on 27 & 28 Aug (Ava) and 2 and 3 Sept (Dufferin)  



Greens Convenor