The purpose of this note is to advise Members of an approach to help ourselves and others to minimise the impact of pitch marks on our greens. The need to try to protect our surfaces has been increased by March’s record levels of rainfall (mostly at night), the maintenance work being implemented on the two courses at the moment, and the arrival of both the new growing and competitive seasons.

The last few Greens Matters emails have asked members to adopt a “repair your own pitch mark plus one” approach. These requests have been only partially successful. The Greens Committee feels that this is not so much a deliberate refusal by fellow Members to comply, but probably that, in the heat of battle, we forget!

In an effort to raise awareness, and provide an “on course” reminder, it has been decided to adopt, for a trial period, a novel approach based on “appointing” a number of Members to repair pitch marks.

The approach will be that when cards are issued, a small number will have a “Smiley Face” sticker attached. This will “define” who is responsible for repairing pitch marks that day. Of course, it is understood that it is not realistic for one person to undertake such work at every hole, but the thought is that during the course of play, the stickered group of players will be reminded, by the marker of that card, that they should all be trying to repair a few pitchmarks. There is no compulsion, just a reasonable expectation that members will make that small effort, and may subsequently become more attuned to doing so – even when not “fingered”

The approach will be initiated on Saturday 23rd March. Arnie and his team have kindly agreed to “sticker” a number of cards, entirely at random, during that day and the course of other days. Please accept the nomination with enthusiasm, not irritation!

Brian Nixon

Greens Convenor