Clandeboye Golf Club are planning to implement the women’s Get into Golf initiative, in 2021. This is an excellent and exciting programme, specifically designed to make golf more accessible to women and to increase membership figures – both of which are essential objectives for any club!

The initiative offers an 8 week programme which will run from 05/05/21 to 30/06/21 and will incorporate the following components:-

  • 4 weekly, one hour lessons, with a PGA professional
  • 4 weekly, on course scrambles, with lady volunteer members, followed by tea/coffee
  • Social interaction and mentoring with lady volunteer members.

The fee for the 8 week programme has been kept to a minimum at £50, which we feel is extremely good value for money. In addition, following completion of the programme participants will be offered a beginner membership for the remaining 6 months of the year ie from July 2021 to December 2021.

After completion of the 8 week course and for those who wish to take up the 6 month beginner membership offer, a follow-on programme has been organised. This will involve on-course scrambles and other golf activities along with the lady volunteers, on a weekly basis.

In addition, a generous graduated membership deal for the following 3 years has also been negotiated, specifically for those who have completed the course, so all in all, this is a really fantastic opportunity!

As places are limited, early application is advisable.

Click on the following link to apply Application Form

Step 2 Protocols

Dear Member,

As you may be aware the N.I. Executive and ILGU/GUI have given Golf Clubs the authority to move to step 2 of the phased return to Golf. This includes a return to Competitions although at present this applies to Northern Ireland only and is subject to review.

The following protocols are detailed and will require careful reading to ensure full understanding.

We have now entered Step 2 (from 8th June 2020) of the Return to Golf as outlined by the NI Executive and support materials from the GUI/ILGU.
Ongoing Step 1 Protocols
The guidance issued to members as part of Step 1 regarding safe golf remains in place – please ensure social distancing at all times. “Track and Trace” protocols must remain in place.

Section 1 – Changes to the Protocols
The key changes and updates from Step 1 are:
• Return to internal club competition golf (see below for re-start dates and details)
• 4 ball groups are allowed (effective Monday 8th June) – BRS has been updated
• 12 minute tee-time gap is now in place (effective Thursday 11th June) – BRS has been updated
• Pro shop will open – but there will be strict social distancing
• Volunteers will remain in place to support the Pro Shop initially
• Member guests are permitted on a restricted basis (see section below)
• Restrictions in place for playing only once at the weekend have been removed w.e.f. Saturday 13th June
• Internal societies will continue to be booked fortnightly only.
Please note:
• We will continue to keep the guidance and operation of golf under review and will make changes if required.
• the NI Executive and GUI step 1 – 5 protocols mean it is unlikely that we will return to the normal Men’s Saturday timesheet for some time. The current protocols do not allow the club to move below a 10 minute tee time until after step 5.

Section 2 – Returning to Competitions
Competition Golf
Competition golf will commence in Step 2. We need to change how we normally operate so please read the following sections to understand how competitions will operate.
We have introduced on-line score entry via the club website and further details will be provided to show members how to register and how to enter their score.
Tee booking
• BRS should continue to be used as the primary source of tee booking
• Members can also contact the Pro shop to make bookings
• Guests can be booked on BRS as “Guest” – see section below for further information.
Competition entry – payment of fee
• Competition entry fees (Men’s and Ladies) must be paid via the Pro shop. We prefer payments to be contactless, but cash will also be accepted.

Marking scorecards
The player is responsible for ensuring their score is recorded accurately:
• You will not be given a card in the Pro shop with details already printed
• You should take a scorecard from the Pro shop or print one from the club website/Courses/course scorecards or alternatively use an online phone App to record the score (e.g. mScorecard)
• Players may enter their own score for each hole on the scorecard (it is not necessary for the marker to do it)
• It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s score but some form of verbal certification should take place.

Returning scorecards
• Scores should be returned on-line via the club website – Handicap Master, Master scorecard. Further information on how to register and return scores will be provided separately – please make sure you are registered and ready for your return to competitions.
• If you cannot access technology – alternatively players may return their cards by taking a photograph and sending by email to (men) or (ladies) – this approach should be used by exception and we would encourage all members to return cards on-line.
• Scores for competitions must be recorded on-line/submitted by 10am on the day following the competition.
• Scorecards must not be left in the scorecard box under any circumstances – they will not be collected or processed.

Course conditions
• Preferred lies are no longer in place – all competitions are now “qualifying” unless stated.
• Competition cards must be returned.
Weekly Competition schedule
The following competitions will be run in the club on a weekly basis:
• Men’s weekly competition on Ava and Dufferin – Saturday and Sunday (alternate day) – from Saturday 13th June
• Ladies weekly competition Ava/Dufferin – Thursday and Sunday (alternate day) – from Sunday 14th June
• 9 hole Stableford competition* (Men and Ladies) – Ava – Tuesday from 16th June
• 18 hole Stableford competition (Men) – Dufferin – Wednesday 17th June
• Juvenile competition – will commence in Step 3 – juveniles may continue to book times and ensure an adult is with them when they play.
*The 9 hole competition replaces “the Hat” on a temporary basis due to the requirements of track and traceability and social distancing.

BRS setup for competitions
The setup in BRS will need to change – so we want to explain what it will look like:
• Men’s competitions (Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday) – BRS will show the competition being played – timesheets will be in operation and available for members whether entering the competition or not.
• Ladies competition (Sunday and Thursday) – Limited times on the day will be reserved for competition entry – other times on the timesheet will be left for all members – if ladies competition times are not being used they will be released by 6pm on the day before the competition.
• Juvenile times (Friday and Sunday) are reserved for juveniles – these will be released to members if not being used for the juveniles by 6pm the day before.
• Tuesday member competition on Ava – timesheets will be in operation and available for members whether entering the competition or not.
It is important that members respect the competitions within the timesheet.

Men’s Competitions
Men’s competitions will re-commence on Saturday 13th June with Sunday 14th alternate day. There will also be a Tuesday 9 hole stableford competition on the Ava and a Wednesday 18 hole Stableford. All competitions are qualifying.
Competition entry fee
• The competition entry fee is £3.50
• Twos competition (£1.50) will be run by the Pro Shop.
Competition entry
• If you intend to play in the competition you must pre book a tee-time via BRS
• Competition entry must be via the Pro Shop prior to playing your round when you will be required to swipe you GUI card/provide details to Pro
• Fees should be paid in the Pro Shop at time of entry – you cannot enter the competition retrospectively.
Competition day and Alternate day
Saturday will be the competition day and we have introduced Sunday as the alternate day. Competitions will be run on both courses.
Players must play only once in the competition.

Ladies Competitions
Ladies competitions will re-commence on Sunday 14th/Thursday 18th June. A Tuesday 9 hole competition on the Ava is also available for the ladies. All competitions are qualifying.
Competition entry fee
• The competition entry fee is £3
• Twos competition (£1) will be run by the Pro Shop.

Competition entry
• Competition draws will not take place during Step 2
• Fees must be paid in the Pro Shop prior to playing your round
• Names must be entered on-line via the BRS before 2pm on Saturday prior to Sunday Competition & 6pm on Wednesday prior to the Thursday Competition. The time sheet will be open as per the current process, at 7pm on the previous week.
• Players are responsible for their own names on BRS. It is important that your name is not entered on the time sheet if you do not intend to play in the competition.
• The competition may be played in either 2, 3 or 4 balls
• Match & Handicap will release Competition times after 2pm on Saturday and 6pm on Wednesday for other members wishing to play.
• 9 hole competitions will also be played on Thursday. These must be played on the Ava course even if the main competition is on the Dufferin. Playing 9 holes on the Dufferin means players need to filter in at the 16th and this does not adhere to the Track & Trace protocols.
Competition Tee Times
• Pre booked competition times on the Dufferin for the 18 Hole Competition will be from 9am – 11am, & 2pm – 4pm – if you wish to play outside these times please ensure you book a time when the timesheet opens and inform Ladies M & H (
• Pre booked competition times on the Ava for the 18 holes competition will be 9am – 11.30am & 2pm – 4pm – if you wish to play outside these times please ensure you book a time when the timesheet opens and inform Ladies M & H (
• 9 Hole Competition times will be between 10am & 11am when the main competition is on the Dufferin and will be included within the 18 Hole competition when it is played on the Ava. Please inform Ladies M & H ( if you are entering the 9 Hole Competition.

Competition day and Alternate day
Thursday will remain the competition day with Sunday times available as the alternate day.
Players must play only once in the competition.

Other Competitions
Tuesday – Mens and Ladies 9-hole stableford competition
• Every Tuesday on the front 9 holes on the Ava – from 16th June
• Competition Cost £2 – £1 twos
• Entry is via Pro Shop
• Scores must be returned as per instructions above
• This is a qualifying competition.

Wednesday – Mens 18 hole stableford competition
• Every Wednesday on the Dufferin – from 17th June
• Competition Cost £3.50 – £1.50
• Entry is via Pro Shop
• Scores must be returned as per instructions above
• This is a qualifying competition.

Section 3 – other important information
Local Rules
Flagsticks must not be touched – the ball cannot fall into the hole due to the cup filler
There are no rakes in bunkers – players should:
• Players may place their ball within 6 inches from the reference point, not nearer the hole, but still inside the bunker (following the provisions for a ball in the general area (MLR E-3). Note – the area may not be smoothed before placing.
• Smooth bunkers using either their foot or a club after playing their stroke.
To allow groups to keep their position on the course, players should play provisional balls if there is a chance that the ball may be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds. Scores will not be accepted for handicapping purposes if the alternative to stroke and distance is used.
These temporary provisions are applicable until further notice.
Member Guests
Step 2 allows for member guests to be permitted. We recognise that there is pressure on tee-times for members and we will therefore restrict any guests as follows at this stage.
Member guests are permitted as follows:
• Monday and Wednesday evenings after 4pm only
• Members are restricted to 1 guest per week and the member must play with the guest
• Members must book a tee-time for the guest – using “Guest” in BRS
• Fees (as advertised) must be paid via in the Pro shop on check-in or members vouchers used.
This approach will be kept under review.
Please ensure that you are registered for BRS – if you are not on BRS then you cannot book a tee-time. Please ensure that you register for BRS using the App. If you need any help please contact M & H (details below).
If you do not have a GUI/ILGU number please contact the Club Manager or Honorary Secretary (details below).
Booking a Buggy – a Reminder
A buggy must be booked 24 hours in advance. A buggy can be booked through BRS as follows:
• Member will book a tee time as normal on BRS
• When the members name has been entered, navigate to the right of the booking form and click button for buggy
• Button turns Orange to indicate buggy has been booked.
The booking page also indicates how many buggies are available to book – we anticipate that 10 will be available daily.
Buggy bookings will be for 18 holes but we understand that individuals may only use for 9 holes.
NEW – Buggy payment – with effect from Monday 8th June – all payments must be via the Pro shop when picking up the key.
Payment for buggies used in the Step 1 can be paid through the Pro Shop from Monday 8th June.
Latest hire time – 4pm for 18 holes and 5.30pm for 9 holes.

Geoff Johnson – Club Manager
• 02891 271767 option 1

Honorary Secretary – Justyn Galloway
Pro Shop – Arnie Fisher
• 02891 271767 option 3

Match and Handicap
Harry Girvan
• 07740173898

Ann Verner
• 07989 039459

Alison McCloskey
• 07921 852496

Golf Insurance


Some members have been asking about Golf Insurance. This is available to the members through the club at a cost £28 for those that have not yet paid. Payment can be made via BACS to:

Account Number: 21274635
Sort Code: 95-02-52

Please use the reference – name/Ins

Golf Ireland Update

At the recent Annual General Meetings of the GUI and ILGU, delegates were presented an update on the Transition to Golf Ireland. The slides, presented by Chair Tim O’Connor and CEO Mark Kennelly, are now available for Clubs to share with their members.


The decision by GUI and ILGU delegates to create Golf Ireland at meetings in 2019, has heralded a brand new and exciting chapter in the sport, and in the year since then a huge programme of work has been underway to ensure that the new body is ready to “go live”, as planned, in January 2021. However, prior to that date, all clubs will become members of Golf Ireland on October 9th 2020 which facilitates the first Regional appointments.


All work is being carried out under the direction of a Transition Board. That Board comprises four nominees of the GUI and four of the ILGU, with O’Connor as the Independent Chair. Their task is to build the structures and complete the preparatory work needed to ensure that Golf Ireland is fully up and running, ready to take over the organisation of golf on the island from next January. The Board were appointed in February 2019 and have been meeting monthly since then.


One of the most significant steps taken to date has been the appointment of Mark Kennelly as the first Chief Executive Officer of Golf Ireland. Prior to taking up the role in mid-December 2019, Mark began engaging with Golf Ireland from mid-October as CEO Designate on a part-time basis, to facilitate his preparations. Mark was Chief of Staff at the Department of the Taoiseach, during the term of Enda Kenny, from 2011 to 2017. He is a member of Killarney Golf and Fishing Club in Co. Kerry.


Various Sub Committees of the Transition Board were set up and cover a number of areas as outlined in the attached presentation. As work continues, the Transition Board are seeking to ensure the very best communication and consultation with the GUI, ILGU and our members with the ultimate task to deliver faithfully the comprehensive Proposal approved by both Unions in January 2019.


Another significant step in the journey took place earlier this week as the brand of Golf Ireland was released. The new logo, and a fresh colour palette, represent the unity and inclusive nature of the new organisation. The launch video of the new brand can be viewed HERE.


While the Transition Period is underway, it is important to reiterate – and this applies throughout the remaining months of 2020 – that the GUI and ILGU will continue to operate as normal. The Confederation of Golf will also be transferring to Golf Ireland as golf club development and club services continue to be a crucial offering of the new body.


As a group, the Transition Board are building on the legacy delivered by the GUI and ILGU over the past 130 years. Over a year into the Transition Period, there is a strong sense of common purpose and a shared determination that together we can and must make the most of this exciting opportunity for golf on the island of Ireland, and deliver on its potential to the full.





Practice Area Lighting

The money raised from the recent Club ballot has covered the 1st phase of new lighting for our practice areas.

Well done to Jim Black for organising and thanks to all who bought a ticket. Phase 2 will follow when funds permit. Sponsorship welcome.

New Lady Captain

Congratulations to our new Lady Captain, Heather Noble.

Best wishes from everyone for a successful year.

Copyright of all images posted on remain with the original copyright holder as noted in the text of “Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, 2nd edition”. Images may not be transmitted or duplicated by any means – other than to teach, learn, and practice the techniques in the afore mentioned book.

August 2019 E-Zine

The first edition of the club’s new e-zine is now available.

This will be published regularly in future so if you have any feedback or suggestions to improve it please contact the Club Office.

CGCNews August 2019

Greens Matters



This is another in the series of notes designed to keep Members informed of developments on course and related matters.

Course Conditions

The late Spring and early Summer weather “blew hot and cold”, then improved temporarily, but now seems to have settled back into a more familiar and disappointing wet pattern. With effort and expertise, the Greens Team has managed to provide excellent putting surfaces and course conditions, about which there have been many compliments, both from members and visitors. The replacement of our 15 year old speed roller has helped.  


Given the general picture on Club finances, there is no immediate prospect of being able to replace key elements of our ageing machinery, which breaks down intermittently. The Greens Team continues to effect patching and work-arounds.


To personalise matters a little, attached is a photograph of the Greens Team.  Please remember that it is neither permitted nor helpful to address complaints/criticisms to staff, although a wee compliment would, doubtless, be very acceptable. Greens Committee members do not enjoy the same absolute protection, but give us a chance to enjoy our golf, please!  Written comments, whether they be complaints, suggestions or praise, are very welcome, and will receive a considered response where relevant.

Safety of Staff

Whilst on personal matters, our greens staff will normally give way to golfers, but they must also take the opportunity to finish a task, and move on to the next job, if they can do that quickly. Please be patient if you are held up for a few moments. It is irresponsibly dangerous to play shots which may hit greens staff. Worrying incidents have been reported to me by staff. Remember our employees often have to wear ear protectors, and/or may be focussing on their immediate work, and thus may not be aware of your presence. Common sense and decency should be our guideline.

Greens – Autumn maintenance work

It’s that time again, unfortunately, when we have to re-aerate the greens and remove some growth debris, resulting in rougher surfaces for a week or so. We all know by now that this is absolutely key to preserving and producing excellent year-round surfaces. The work will be carried out (weather permitting) on 27 & 28 Aug (Ava) and 2 and 3 Sept (Dufferin)  



Greens Convenor


Molly O’Hara

Well done to Molly O,Hara who had a hole in 1 at the 6th Mount Wolseley while representing Ulster girls.

Success for Jessica

​Warrenpoint’s Colm Campbell and Jessica Ross from Clandeboye were the winners of the inaugural staging of the Ulster Stroke Play Championship at Galgorm Castle on Tuesday as the Ulster pair celebrated two very different victories.
  • 28 MAY 2019

PHOTO: Winners alright, Ross and Campbell at Galgorm. Photo by Golffile.

Ross blew the field away with her nearest challenger Maeve Cummins from Lurgan some 12 strokes behind her in second place. The 24 year old chemical engineer carded a four round total of level par. Her final round included an eagle three on the 18th and a stunning birdie from 170 yards on the fourth hole after she found trouble off the tee.

Seasoned campaigner Campbell, who has spent the last two years fighting his way back to fitness following a hand injury, bridged a 1,115 day gap to win his first championship since the 2016 Flogas Irish Amateur Open at Royal Dublin. His two-stroke winning margin, on four-under par, from Marc Boucher of Carton House made to look small in comparison to Ross.


Campbell’s personal battle to get back to the top of the game hasn’t been easy but this win gives him a major boost in the Bridgestone Order of Merit.

“It’s been tough. I’ve had a really tough 2018 and I struggled with the injuries as most people know and then I lost my grandad as well on top of that who was a big supporter of me and this one is for him.

“I always said the first if I was lucky enough to win another championship I would dedicate this to him and I know he would be very proud. It’s been a tough road and I’m glad to be back playing and it was nice to get a win under the belt.”

Off a plus-four handicap, Ross makes the trip to St Andrews for the St Rule Trophy later this week and is hoping for momentum to help her pick up another win.​

“I’ve started working full time as a chemical engineer so I guess I’ll just play as good as I can and get another win. I’ll just take every event as it comes.”

Both Campbell and Ross pick up invitations to the European Challenge Tour’s newest event which takes place at Galgorm Castle, the ISPS Handa World Invitational in August.

Ross is thrilled to be able to tee it up with the pros. “I’m delighted. I’ve never played a professional event before so it will be cool to see how your game matches up with the world’s best.”

Campbell is no a stranger to playing in professional events and is excited by the prospect of both men and women teeing it up at Galgorm in the professional tournament. “I’m really excited to play in it. That’s one of the main reasons I came here and teed it up this week.

“It’s brilliant, especially for the ladies’ game. They play to an exceptional standard. I think it’s only right and it’s great to see and it’s great to see Galgorm is on board with it as well.”

Joining them in the ISPS Handa World Invitational will Marc Boucher (Carton House), Matthew McClean (Malone), Maeve Cummins (Lurgan) and Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) for their second and third place finishes in the Ulster Stroke Play.

This event marked the first time that the GUI and ILGU have hosted senior men’s and women’s championships simultaneously at the same venue.